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What God will Unite, Man Should not Separate!

The sacrament of Matrimony in 2014 at Queen of Peace Church

In God’s year 2014 six couples will marry (announced until today) in the St. Mary Queen of Peace Parish. All attended the training wedding course held by Fr. Ioan Chișărău and Gerda Chișărău.

 A special moment in preparing the young people in their training was the one over the natural method of conception, affirmed and recommended by the Catholic Church to Christian couples who want to practice their faith and receive God’s blessing in their marriage.


„If the Catholic Church’s teaching is true, it must have a practical and sustainable way!” said Dr. Joseph Roetzer when he decided to devote his life studying and improving the sympto-thermal method of regulating conception. As a reward he received the Order of St. Gregory from Pope John Paul II.

The Austrian doctor developed a method of high accuracy with an error rate of only 0.2% – comparable to the current most perfect contraceptive measures! And he gave to the Church and to Christian couples an invaluable resource of harmony in relationship and spiritual growth that nourishes and strengthens the pro-life mentality!

All couples should know this method and practice it, so it is the role of the Church to instruct them in this regard.


We note that the Catholic Church from Poland and Austria obligatorily included this type of training in the wedding preparation.